As a country, the United States is steadily growing its solar power generation capabilities. But some areas have embraced solar technology’s potential more than others.  A recent report by Environment America listed many of the top U.S. cities for solar photovoltaic power deployment, which looked at statistics like the total amount of solar installed and the amount of solar energy generated per person. To help add context to the numbers, the report identifies cities as “Solar Leaders,” “Solar Stars” and “Solar Builders.”

California Leads

Not surprisingly, several of those cities are in California, which has already shown to be a national leader in solar deployment. And for anyone who’s been to sunny southern California, it also shouldn’t be a surprise that Los Angeles is the U.S. city with the most total solar PV capacity with 170 megawatts. Just down the road, San Diego comes in second with a total of 149 MW installed solar PV, while San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento, respectively, are also among the top 20 cities with installed solar power.

Hawaii, Indy Pull Their Weight

However, while L.A. is the national leader in total installed solar power, it’s Honolulu, Hawaii that leads the nation in per-capita solar installation, making it one of the report’s “Solar Stars.” But the second leading city in per-capita solar PV installation, Indianapolis, Ind., may surprise some who don’t associate the midwestern city for its sunshine. One state lagging in solar power, ironically, is the Sunshine State of Florida. Only Jacksonville made the report’s top 20 cities for total solar installation.

Burlington Excels, NYC Lags

The report revealed other surprising details about where solar is growing in the United States. Though Burlington, Vt. has only two MW of installed solar PV, its small population makes it the third highest U.S. city for solar deployment per-capita. And while big name cities like New York and Chicago have considerable solar power installation, their large populations relegated them to the classification of “Solar Beginners” in the report. Other noteworthy cities in the report include Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, San Antonio, Texas and Wilmington, Del.

Solar Project Finance Potential

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