Why Vasari Energy?

Vasari Energy is a private, renewable energy and tech company. We believe we can achieve substantial market value by building a company that takes projects from greenfield through construction and to operation and by offering technology solutions to customers.

The Market is Growing

The global solar energy industry is expected to reach $422 billion by 2022, up from $86 billion in 2015.

Solar energy provides a healthy return financially for companies, it is quickly moving mainstream and growing worldwide at 40-50% annually.

Solar is the fastest growing affordable energy source in the world, offering an unlimited supply of clean, safe and renewable assets for heat and power.

A Positive Social Impact

Generate a positive social impact aimed at reducing the world’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Renewables don’t deplete natural resources. They also reduce water consumption, noise and waste, are less harmful to the land, and improve air quality.

Sustainable, economically responsible, non-polluting energy is the only way to secure the future of our environment and our well-being.

Solar’s Trillion Dollar Market Is Driven by Electric Vehicles, Microgrids and Storage

Demand for solar is expected to surge over the coming years, but its growth rate could effectively double if these three conditions are met: rapid uptake of electric vehicles (EVs), more companies turn to the technology to save energy costs, and more countries reach solar and storage parity with grid prices.

Major Corporations Are Investing in Renewable Power

Non-energy companies, such as technology, automotive and industrial companies, are also engaging with smart power.

Non-energy businesses are investing in smart power for completely different reasons than energy companies. The majority of non-energy businesses are doing so for economic reasons, primarily to lock in long term energy cost stability. A further 18% are doing so because they have green aspirations.

Data Analytics

The opportunities to monetize data extend well beyond selling household energy consumption information to third parties. Increasingly, utilities, energy businesses and large energy consumers are using sophisticated data analytics tools to reduce energy consumption and to more efficiently manage the grid.


Vasari Energy, Inc. was established to produce, sell and deliver energy and energy products and services in major competitive power markets in the U.S. and worldwide as an integrated competitive power company. Vasari Energy’s strategy is to maximize stockholder value through the production and sale of safe, reliable, and affordable power to its customers in the markets served by the Company, while positioning the Company to meet the market’s increasing demand for sustainable, low carbon and customized energy solutions for the benefit of the end-use energy consumer.