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Why Invest in Utility Solar


The need for clean and green energy sources is increasing by the day, and solar energy is leading the pack. Just like every other investment, investments in the solar energy sector requires one to consider [...]

Why Invest in Utility Solar2019-08-21T04:17:52+00:00

What Is the New Climate Economy?


The next 15 years of investment will determine the future of the world’s climate system. Climate change caused by past greenhouse gas emissions is already having serious economic consequences, especially in more exposed areas of [...]

What Is the New Climate Economy?2019-08-21T04:26:13+00:00

What is Utility Solar?


The saying goes that for solar power to make it into the biggest of the big leagues, it needs institutional money. This means that investment capital from the largest pools of global money, such as [...]

What is Utility Solar?2019-08-21T04:27:22+00:00

Solar Is the New Real Estate


There are currently over 1 million residential solar systems in the United States. Some states have more installations than others, but growth is happening all over the country. This includes states not typically considered “sunshine [...]

Solar Is the New Real Estate2019-08-21T04:32:28+00:00

How Investing in Solar Can Play a Role in Climate Change


Green technology investing, also referred to as clean technology investing, typically involves the selection of investments in companies with sustainable and environmentally friendly practices and products/services. While some clean technologies offer improvements that increase resource [...]

How Investing in Solar Can Play a Role in Climate Change2019-08-21T04:38:07+00:00

How Individual Investors Can Invest in Utility Solar


Global clean energy investment totaled $333.5 billion in 2017, taking cumulative investment to $2.5 trillion since 2010. In addition, the cost of solar photovoltaics has dropped 80% since 2008. According to the 2017 Bloomberg New [...]

How Individual Investors Can Invest in Utility Solar2019-08-22T04:18:47+00:00