Competitive Strengths

We believe that our competitive strengths advantageously position us to enhance our financial performance, expand our business and pursue strategic opportunities in independent power markets, both domestically and abroad.

Our key competitive strengths are summarized below

Global Presence.

Vasari Energy’s business goal is to be among the largest developers and independent power producers in the world based on MW generated. Our goal is to have approximately 700 MW of operating capacity by the end of 2020. In assembling and operating this global portfolio, we expect to gain substantial experience and expertise in major U.S. and foreign power markets and, as a result, enjoy access to a broader range of development and acquisition opportunities worldwide.

Diversified Asset Portfolio.

Our strategy is to diversify our portfolio of power projects and spread our operations across different regions and market segments, thereby allowing us to participate in multiple segments of the domestic and international power markets and reducing the level of risk presented by any particular market.

Disciplined Marketing and Risk Management Activities.

We plan to use a disciplined approach to energy marketing and risk management to stabilize and enhance the operational and financial performance of those facilities we operate. These activities will also reduce our exposure to energy price fluctuations.

Strong and Experienced Project Management Team.

We have an experienced project management team that continues to focus on our core competencies and to draw upon our significant domestic and international development and operating experience.