Corporate Overview


Vasari Energy was established to develop, engineer, build, and operate utility-scale electric power plants that produce reliable and clean energy. Our growth strategy is to own and operate solar energy power plants worldwide.

The Company intends to play an active role, as a long-term owner, in all phases of renewable energy generation, from planning and development through construction and commercial operation. We believe that this involvement will allow us to better ensure, with our experienced personnel, that our projects are well-planned, structured and managed, thus maximizing value creation.

We believe that our competitive strengths advantageously position us to enhance our financial performance, expand our business and pursue strategic opportunities in independent power markets both domestically and abroad. Our management team has broad experience in solar project development, transmission line development, meteorology, engineering, permitting, construction, finance, law, asset management, maintenance and operations. We have established land control, stakeholder relationships, meteorological programs, community initiatives and developed transmission solutions in the markets in which we focus and expect to continue to do so in the future.

Our Mission

Build an energy business that develops, constructs, and operates solar power systems around the world, providing clean and affordable electricity to utilities, governments and industry.

Our Strategy

  • Deliver low cost solar electricity through operational excellence and scale
  • Use partnerships to develop large-scale projects
  • Develop, build and operate utility scale and commercial and industrial solar plants for delivery of low-cost solar electricity
  • Maximize returns to investors while managing our risk and employing rigorous capital allocation.