Development Process

Our development process and activities generally proceed as described below.
Some of these tasks are pursued concurrently and as progress is made toward completion,
the Project advances through our project classification system.

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Prospecting and Site Selection

“Prospecting” is a comprehensive, high-level review in which we complete initial assessments of potential sites to locate new Project opportunities. Prospecting represents our earliest stage of Project development and addresses our core objectives: identification of sites that we believe may be suitable for development


Land Procurement

Land procurement begins as part of the prospecting and site selection process in which we use publicly available data or prior experience to determine if there are any known impediments to securing the land. From there, we conduct initial meetings with local landowners, government officials, community representatives and residents to gauge community support.


Solar Resource Assessment

Because an adequate solar resource is a prerequisite for developing an attractive solar energy project, a solar resource assessment begins at the earliest stage of the development process.

Transmission and Interconnection

The availability of transmission infrastructure is critical to a project's feasibility and is initially ascertained from public sources during our prospecting activities. If existing transmission infrastructure is available, we will attempt to secure our access ...


Once we have selected a site, we will begin the approval and permitting process with relevant local, state and federal government agencies. This process includes identifying required permits; holding preliminary informational meetings with agencies and stakeholder groups ...

Engineering Procurement and Construction Oversight

Our policy is to actively manage the design and construction of our solar energy Projects. Construction consists of solar array installations, substation construction, interconnection work, balance of plant construction and occasionally construction of long transmission lines.

Project Financing

Our financing strategy is to utilize a combination of bank loans, credit facilities, tax equity financing, and institutional private equity to purchase solar equipment and construct the Projects.

Project Management

Project management is required on every Project, with the primary responsibility of managing all aspects of the effort to deliver solar power systems on schedule and within budget.