Engineering Procurement and Construction Oversight

Our policy is to actively manage the design and construction of our solar energy Projects. Construction consists of solar array installations, substation construction, interconnection work, balance of plant construction and occasionally construction of long transmission lines. We plan to manage solar equipment installation and use outside contractors with whom we enter into contracts to provide all necessary management, supervision, labor, materials, tools, engineering, mobilization, testing and demobilization required to complete construction of the Project. Under these contracts, the subcontractor prepares the site for construction with clearing and grading activities; installs step-up transformers; constructs overhead or underground cables that collect the energy produced by the solar system for delivery to the on-site substation; constructs the on-site substation, as applicable, or modifies an existing substation; builds roadways in and around the Project and in some cases, constructs operating and maintenance buildings or, to the extent they are required, transmission or interconnection facilities. Construction of a typical site takes approximately 9-15 months, with adverse weather conditions causing the largest variation in estimated completion dates. We will actively supervise and oversee all aspects of construction.