Benefits of Investing in Vasari Energy 12% Notes

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Attractive Yield.

Vasari Notes offer a higher yield than comparable-maturity government bonds or CDs.


No Market Volatility.

Investors earn a high yield without the volatility of the stock market


Monthly Income.
People who want current income from their investments, while preserving their principal, may include Vasari Energy notes in their portfolios.


Select Your Maturity

Investors can select maturities from one to four years

Help Offset Equity Risk Through Diversification

Vasari Energy high-yield notes belong in a well-diversified portfolio. Additionally, high-yield notes positively affect diversification in a portfolio because of their moderate correlation to stocks and low-to-negative correlation to Treasuries. Consequently, Vasari Energy 12% Notes are a good small-asset allocation to help offset equity risk through diversification.

A Transformational Strategy to Build an Industry Leader

We are building an industry leader in a market dominated by a few corporations where electrical infrastructure spending upgrades and replacements is estimated by McKinsey to reach $5 trillion in the United States alone.

There is a tremendous untapped opportunity in the United States and globally in energy infrastructure. The American Society of Civil Engineers gives the US a D+ for the state of its electrical infrastructure.

It is estimated that there are over 640,000 miles of transmission lines running at full or near full capacity with most transmission lines installed in the 50’s and 60’s and nearing their life expectancy.

More frequent and longer outages: 2,169 outages in 2008 to 3,526 outages in 2017.  Duration of outages up from 55 minutes to 81 minutes in the same time period.


Modern Electrical Infrastructure Includes Digital Technology and Smart Power

The Digital Utility is the future of power generation and management. Vasari Energy is building a leading company to play a key role in this transformation. Areas of smart power and digital technology for the digital utility and infrastructure include:


Behind-the-meter generation

Energy generating systems providing power directly to a single home, office building or facility without using transmission or distribution networks

Distributed generation

Generating power at or close to the point of consumption instead of centrally

Electric vehicles/EV charging stations

EV charging stations are critical infrastructure to provide electrical energy to recharge batteries for electric vehicles

Energy storage

Capturing produced energy to use at a later time, often by a battery
cloud-computing (1)

Internet of energy/enernet

An online network that automates electricity infrastructures and manages smart grids

Monetizing power data

Generating value or revenue from data generated by smart meters and the internet of energy

Smart grid

An electrical grid which supports energy efficient and renewable power, smart meters and appliances and is actively managed using sophisticated IT systems

Cloud adoption to accelerate IT modernization

The cloud is a means, not an end. Success in modernizing IT through the cloud is driven by a complete standardization and automation strategy.

Harnessing the power of advanced analytics in transmission and distribution asset management

Advanced analytics is helping T&D operators improve performance, reduce asset management costs, and capture value.
electric-meter (1)

Modern electrical utilities and blockchain

Blockchain technology can streamline transactions along the utility value chain.

Why Should Investors Invest in Vasari Energy?

Vasari Energy presents a unique opportunity for investors to access a well-structured, professional organization with high growth potential.

Our growth strategy is to rapidly build revenue and earnings through multiple mergers and acquisitions as well as organic growth. Consolidation of other companies and competitors is a system that has been highly successful for a number of public and private companies in a range of industries. Business consolidation is key to building value. Key reasons to consider purchasing Vasari Energy stock include:

  • Access. One of the biggest challenges for investors is access to companies with the greatest growth potential and a risk profile that meets investor criteria.
  • Rapid Growth Strategy.  Our M&A strategy focuses on rapidly building revenue and earnings through multiple acquisitions of companies that provide certain synergies and cost reductions to build shareholder value.
  • Opportunity. U.S. electrical infrastructure spending alone will be $5 trillion to replace and upgrade existing grid.
    • Highly fragmented industry without a dominate player
    • 6% of the market consists of small and local players
  • Building an Industry Leader. Our goal is to become a leading energy services company through the acquisition of established local or regional businesses and combine and integrate them into an effective national organization. In order to achieve its goal, we focus on: (i) identifying acquisition candidates which meet our acquisition criteria; (ii) attracting and acquiring companies through implementation of our integration model; (iii) achieving operating efficiencies and synergies by combining administrative functions, eliminating redundant facilities, implementing system and technology improvements; and (iv) global sourcing, supply chain management and global purchasing power.



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Forward-Looking Statements
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