Helping meet Arizona's demand for renewable energy

Spanning over an area of more than 400 acres, the Gila Bend Solar Project (TBD) can generate up to 80 MWh of electricity, enough solar power to fulfill the energy needs of more than 10,000 (TBD) of households / customers.

The Gila Bend Project (TBD) will have a huge impact in reduction of water use for the area. So not only will the field be producing energy, it is also providing a savings in terms of resources as well. Lastly, besides the addition of clean energy production and resource conservation, the construction of (project name) will stimulate the small community of Gila Bend and its 2,000 inhabitants.



This is just a sample text only. With more than 300 days of sunshine and blue skies each year, Arizona is definitely not in shortage of sun. Gila Bend is the perfect location in this solarrich state for the (Project Name). Currently under the development of Vasari Energy. Under the Gila Bend’s Solar Field Overlay Zone, the permitting for solar projects can be fast-tracked, ensuring the plant to come together quickly.

Transmission Infrastructure

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SEC to Harquahala Valley Power Plant: ±0.8

NWC to La Paz (Alensu) Power Plant: ±11.2

Transmission Capacity

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ARIZONA’S AVERAGE OF 321 DAYS OF SUN EACH YEAR PROVIDES ENOUGH SOLAR ENERGY TO POWER THE ENTIRE U.S., NEARLY 2.5 TW OF POTENTIAL CONCENTRATING SOLAR POWER. The Arizona Corporation Commission is actively developing plans to build a robust transmission system to import and export renewable energy in Arizona.

Arizona is well-positioned to generate solar power for export to high-cost markets like California, meeting peak demand and Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) requirements.