Why Invest in Vasari Energy

Vasari Energy has expanded its solar developments by 850% in the last 12 months
Invest in Vasari Energy stock now before our IPO


Vasari Initiatives

Vasari’s current pipeline of solar energy projects have an estimated power potential of 405 megawatts in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas. Through its various investments, the Company aims to reach operating capacity of 1,000 MW by the end of 2020.

Why Vasari Energy?

  • Strong potential returns:  the ongoing strength in clean energy demand by utility companies and major corporations is expected to continue well into the next decade, which could produce strong potential returns.
  • Access to an exciting market:  investment in the Shares provide investors exposure to the rapidly expanding clean energy industry.
  • Experienced team:  the Team has experience vital to investing in the development of solar power generating assets and follow a solid investment process.

Vasari Energy Power Projects Under Development