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Invest in Utility Scale Solar Power Projects

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Looking to Invest in Utility Scale Solar Power Projects?
Our Portfolio Will Consist of Power Plants in Top Growth Markets!

Solar PV enters a new era, becoming the undisputed leader in renewable power capacity.
Solar PV enters a new era, becoming the undisputed leader in renewable power capacity.

This Is NOT Residential Rooftop Solar. This Is Major Scale Utility and Industrial Solar

If you’ve reached this website, you probably have some interest in solar power investments.

Vasari Solar Partners is well positioned to take full advantage of today’s extremely low-cost solar power plant opportunities located within the United States.

We are a team of well-versed business and industry professionals focused on delivery solar power plants to utility companies and major corporations for the profit of our investors.

Our focus is to obtain control of solar properties and develop power plants for utility companies and major corporations that produce the highest returns possible for our investors.

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Why Should You Invest in Utility Solar with Vasari Solar Partners?

At Vasari Solar Partners, while we strongly believe in the projects and we know that past results surrounding profits do not guarantee success.

  • Our company believes in things like honesty, integrity, transparency, and commitment to our investors.
  • Our team has over 100+ years combined experience with utility solar projects
  • We study and deploy the latest solar technologies to maximize results for our stakeholders.
  • Audited Financials. We will provide our investors with audited financial statements by an independent audit firm prior IPO.
  • Lawyers, CPAs and Engineers.  We have an excellent team of corporate lawyers, Certified Public Accountants and Engineers.


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Solar PV enters a new era, becoming the undisputed leader in renewable power capacity.
Solar PV enters a new era, becoming the undisputed leader in renewable power capacity.

What Are the Top 3 Benefits to Investing in Utility Solar?

If you are unfamiliar with investing in utility solar projects, lets lay out some of the benefits associated with this type of investment:

#1 – Strong Potential Profits: The high demand for large solar power plants by utilities, major corporations, data centers, municipalities means that there are buyers for ready-to-build projects. We sell ready to build projects to buyers and distribute a significant portion of profits to investors

#2 – IPO in Planning: Strong demand for IPOs in today’s market. Our strategy is to produce multiples on capital for our shareholders and unlock value through an IPO.

#3 – IRA Compatible:   Quickly and easily roll your IRA into solar investments.

These are just 3 of the benefits to investing in oil and gas.  Other benefits include diversification, mitigated risk, and lower volatility than the stock market.


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