Investor Kit

All Vasari Energy solar fund investments must be made through a financial advisor and processed through a broker dealer or registered investment advisor that has executed a selling agreement with Vasari Capital Markets. Your financial advisor can review your financial status to determine if an investment in Vasari Energy solar fund is suitable and appropriate for your investment needs and objectives. Subscription Agreements received without the financial advisor sections completed will be returned to the investor

How to Invest

How do I invest? – Vasari Investment Process

First, and most important, download and read the current offering materials for the Vasari Solar Partners fund. Be sure to consider the suitability of the Fund based on your individual circumstances, including but not limited to such factors as risk tolerance, investment time horizon, income and principal growth needs, previous investing experience and your current net worth and income.

Next, speak with your financial advisor. Based on your current portfolio and other considerations, your advisor may have specific recommendations on the amount and allocation of your investment dollars.

Finally, with your financial advisor, fill out the required subscription documents and, if necessary, complete any transfer forms or IRA paperwork. For information on Vasari Solar Partners fund click here.

Thank you for considering Vasari Energy.