In the US, 72 GW of wind and 43 GW of solar power will be installed over the next 3 years

In the United States, the total capacity of power plants with a power of 1 MW and above is reported to rise to 1,190.58 GW.

According to the October Infrastructure Update published by the US Federal Energy Administration, natural gas power plants rank first in total power with 516.27 GW.

Coal-fired thermal power plant investments are second at 283.69 GW, and nuclear power plants ranked third with 108.18 GW.

While hydroelectric power in the United States is currently at 100.84 GW, wind energy plants have reached 86.76 GW and solar energy plants have reached 28.76 GW.

The natural gas power plant projects planned to be in force until November 2020 are 92,489 GW, with 72,526 GW of wind energy projects and 43,528 GW of solar energy projects.

However, in this three-year period, 37,567 MW of installed power is planned to be deactivated.

Coal-fired thermal power plants will be energy investments with the highest share of power planned to be deactivated with 21.317 GW.

In this same period, 9,474 GW of natural gas power plants and 5.585 GW of nuclear power plants are planned for deactivation as well.

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