Strategic Overview

Vasari Energy’s business goal is to become one of the leading owners and operators of renewable electric generating assets in the world.  

The Company’s strategy focuses on developing new projects in locations where we will have an established position or otherwise determine that attractive financial performance can be realized. After completion of a solar energy development project or an acquisition of an existing plant, the Company’s business strategy includes enhancing the value of these assets and expanding plant capacity. We also recognize that our principal customers are regulated utilities. We therefore strive to understand the regulatory and economic environment in which the utilities operate so that we may continue to create mutually beneficial relationships and business dealings.

The following are key elements of our strategy

At Vasari Energy, we build strong relationships with each other, our clients and our business partners based on the following fundamental values:

Successfully execute and capitalize on our pipeline of existing development Projects.

Our goal is to have approximately 700 MW of operating capacity by the end of 2020.

Expand our pipeline of development Projects.

We have assembled a team of employees and experts located in our existing markets who actively search for additional opportunities for solar development.

Continue to exploit development opportunities through creative transmission solutions.

We have assembled the core internal expertise necessary to develop, build and own significant transmission assets in order to access and develop solar energy Projects in markets that we would otherwise be unable to pursue.

Maintain full development and operational control.

Our policy is to control the development, construction and operation of all of our solar energy Projects. We believe retaining control over our Projects enhances our credibility, allows us to make rapid decisions and strengthens our relationships with landowners, local communities, regulators and other stakeholders.

Substantial local presence and community stakeholder involvement in the markets in which we are active.

Our business plan is to open local offices to work cooperatively with the communities in which our solar energy Projects are located in order to better understand their unique issues and concerns. We believe that having local offices and coordinating with our communities allows us to better assess our Projects’ feasibility and economic viability than developing our Projects remotely.