Vasari Energy Summer 2015

All-inclusive Service Offering

As solar power becomes more competitive, Vasari Energy is finding new ways to give its clients everything they need in one package. Moving beyond simply selling solar panels, Vasari Energy is providing several other essentials that solar builders need to complete their projects. By factoring in the project design, materials and financing, the company can give builders everything they need to complete a project in one all-inclusive package, down to the nuts, bolts and screws. This product packaging is unique to the industry and helps builders by cutting down on labor costs. It also gives Vasari Energy the niche it needs to offer competitive prices in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Vasari Energy Op-Ed in Solar Power World

Sam Lipman, Vice President of Business Development, authored a comprehensive article on the variety of solar power products available on the market. This piece served the company’s interest in several different ways. By providing in-depth information on the range of solar power technology, Sam demonstrated expertise in the field, further promoting the Vasari Energy brand as a leader in the solar power industry.

The article also provided the opportunity for Vasari Energy to promote its own products and services. The online article provided a link back to the Vasari Energy website. Additionally, the piece may also be published in an upcoming print edition of Solar Power World magazine.

Thriving Solar Market Presents Opportunity

According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, the solar market is maturing, giving Vasari Energy a prime opportunity to solidify its position. Solar is receiving more public and private investments, Forbes reports, totaling an impressive $41.9 billion in the second quarter this year, up 23 percent from 2014 investments.

Much of this growth is centered around the middle market, an area which Vasari Energy is targeting. Of the second quarter solar investments in the U.S., $20.4 billion went to projects of less than one megawatt.

There’s also increased need for project finance, as projects larger than 1 MW received $2.9 billion in the second quarter of 2015, up from $2.1 billion in the 2014 second quarter. As much as $3.6 billion in project financing went towards projects of less than 1 MW in the 2015 second quarter, well above the $2.5 billion in project finance from the 2014 second quarter, Forbes reports.

Recent policy developments also favor the solar industry. The White House recently announced it would continue its push for tougher greenhouse gas regulations on power plants. If implemented, these new regulations would reduce coal’s contribution to U.S. electrical generation to just 27 percent by 2030. These regulations would provide additional market incentive for utilities to rely on renewable energy to meet its electricity demand.

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