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Vasari Energy, Inc.

9844 Research Drive, Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92618

Phone: (949) 529-5933
Toll-Free: (844) 407-8625

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Vasari Energy, Inc., a Delaware corporation and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Company”) was established to develop, engineer, build, and operate utility-scale electric power plants that produce reliable and clean energy. Vasari Energy’s growth strategy is to own and operate solar energy power plants (each a “Project” and collectively the “Projects”) worldwide.

The Company intends to play an active role as a long-term owner in all phases of renewable energy generation, from planning and development through construction and commercial operation. The Company believes that this involvement will allow us to better ensure, with Vasari Energy’s experienced personnel, that Vasari Energy’s projects are well-planned, structured and managed, thus maximizing value creation.

Investment Argument

  1. Vasari Energy’s pipeline of potential solar energy Projects includes up to 405 megawatts (“MW”) in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, and Texas. The Company’s business goal is to have approximately 700 MW of operating capacity by the end of 2020.
  2. Vasari Energy’s strategy is to diversify Vasari Energy’s portfolio of power projects and spread Vasari Energy’s operations across different regions and market segments, thereby allowing the company to participate in multiple segments of the domestic and international power markets and reducing the level of risk presented by any particular market.
  3. The company has an experienced project management team that continues to focus on Vasari Energy’s core competencies and to draw upon Vasari Energy’s significant domestic and international development and operating experience.
  4. Vasari Energy is raising funds through the sale of shares to support the execution of business plans and a strong project pipeline. The shares are offered at a much lower price and are expected to give significant potential returns.

Vasari Energy generates its revenue through the following sources:

  • Electricity sales
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
  • Project Management
  • O&M Services
  • Capital gains

The following are key elements of Vasari Energy’s strategy:

  • Successfully execute and capitalize on Vasari Energy’s pipeline of existing development Projects. Vasari Energy’s goal is to have approximately 700 MW of operating capacity by the end of 2020.
  • Expanding Vasari Energy’s pipeline of development Projects. The company has assembled a team of employees and experts located in Vasari Energy’s existing markets who actively search for additional opportunities for solar development.
  • Continue to exploit development opportunities through creative transmission solutions. The company has assembled the core internal expertise necessary to develop and construct significant transmission assets in order to access and develop solar energy Projects in markets that we would otherwise be unable to pursue.
  • Maintain full development and operational control. Vasari Energy’s policy is to control the development, construction and operation of all of Vasari Energy’s solar energy Projects. We believe retaining control over Vasari Energy’s Projects enhances Vasari Energy’s credibility, allows us to make rapid decisions and strengthens Vasari Energy’s relationships with landowners, local communities, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Substantial local presence and community stakeholder involvement in the markets in which Vasari Energy is active.

Vasari Energy’s business plan is to open local offices to work cooperatively with the communities in which Vasari Energy’s solar energy Projects are located in order to better understand their unique issues and concerns. The Company believes that having local offices and coordinating with Vasari Energy’s communities allows them to better assess Vasari Energy’s Projects’ feasibility and economic viability than developing Vasari Energy’s Projects remotely.