The saying goes that for solar power to make it into the biggest of the big leagues, it needs institutional money. This means that investment capital from the largest pools of global money, such as pension funds, must back any initiative aimed at scaling solar power. Conservative estimates show that there is more than $110 trillion globally looking for investments, and solar could change the world with merely $1-2 trillion per year of that.
A 2018 report by the United Nations agency on environmental matters indicated that global investment in renewable energy hit $288.9 billion in 2018. Investments in renewable energy in 2018 were three times higher than the amount invested in new coal and gas-fired generators. Globally, solar was still the largest focus of investment, with $139.7 billion in 2018. In 2016, investors poured $161 billion of capital into solar, the largest amount for any single power source.Solar energy has seen a global increase in consumption as more countries recognize the harmful effects of burning fossil fuels, and this consumption will only continue to increase. In 2017, global solar energy investments overshadowed investments in all other forms of electricity generation. And now, solar is starting to attract individual investors.

Vasari Energy invests in the type of large-scale utility solar projects that aim to power cities, industries and major corporations. Utility-scale solar works by generating solar power and feeding it into the grid, supplying a utility with energy. This large-scale electricity generation is either through a photovoltaic power station large enough to be classified as utility-scale or through concentrated power.

Historically, utility solar has not been available to individual investors. The underlying reason is that investments in utility solar development projects were reserved for big corporations, institutions, utilities or the super-wealthy. There has been a limited number of private utility-scale solar developers and minimum investments in a single project tend to be prohibitively high, leaving out individual investors. However, Vasari Energy is changing that. Vasari Energy enables individual investors as well as small institutions to access utility solar projects through the ownership of stock. Vasari Energy stock is available specifically for individual investors interested in the strong return potential of solar development projects.

Vasari Energy acquires control of project sites and undertake all areas of development, including environmental studies, transmission feasibility and system impact studies, design, engineering, permitting, and obtaining a power purchase agreement with a qualified buyer of power such as a utility, city government, or high credit quality corporation. The Company may build and operate the projects or sell fully the permitted projects to a tax equity buyer, utility, independent power producer or another qualified buyer who will carry out the construction, commissioning and operation of the solar energy generating facility. Even though there are several investment routes into this market, Vasari Energy believes that developers offer the best potential returns as they are the foundation in delivering this growth.

About Vasari Energy

Vasari Energy is a California-based solar energy developer established to develop, engineer, build, and operate utility-scale electric power plants that produce reliable and clean energy. It seeks to capture growth in the dynamic and fast-growing solar energy market by investing in the development of utility, commercial, industrial, municipal, and community solar power systems. Vasari Energy uses the broad experience of its management team in order to play an active role in all phases of renewable energy generation, from planning and development through construction and commercial operation.