Community Solar

Community solar has emerged as an attractive and increasingly popular solution because it eliminates the need for rooftops. With community solar, developers construct medium- to large-scale solar installations on offsite locations that may be distant from the point of consumption. Individual retail customers can either subscribe to blocks of electricity or purchase a portion of the solar panels in such installations and receive credits on their bills. As a result, a broader range of customers can benefit from solar energy without installing solar panels on their own rooftops.

Driven by strong customer demand, technological development, and regulatory support, community solar is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come. To take advantage of the opportunities it presents, as well as to confront the challenges associated with it, utilities must define a clear strategy, establish differentiating capabilities and new operating models, and develop a tight network of partners that can help them harness this new source of power.

Vasari Energy community solar provides a unique set of business drivers and benefits for utilities, program administrators, developers, and residential and commercial customers.