Corporate Solar

Corporations around the globe believe it’s important to pursue sustainability which includes renewable energy power generation. Solar energy is an economically attractive way for corporations to meet their sustainability goals while also reducing exposure to power price volatility.

Vasari Energy Offers Corporate Customers

  • Bankable Projects
  • Proven Reliability
  • Off-Site Utility Scale Solar Generation
  • Grid Integrated

Power Pricing

  • Power purchase agreements (PPAs): Through the use of a PPA, a corporate customer can sign a long-term contract with a developer to secure physical or financial rights to electricity generation and the environmental attributes of a project.
  • Retail choice: In states that allow retail choice, a corporate customer has the opportunity to purchase electricity from a competitive supplier on a short-term or long-term basis.

Corporations are purchasing solar to achieve their own objectives, such as meeting sustainability goals, generating attractive returns on investment, and limiting exposure to energy price variability.

To meet these objectives, corporations have leveraged on-site pathways such as installing rooftop systems to serve a portion of on-site demand. Large retail, distribution, manufacturing, and data centers have led this sector, accounting for 88% of installed capacity. These facilities often have large footprints and significant rooftop space for solar installations. However, not all corporations can leverage on-site opportunities.

Some lack sufficient or suitable rooftop space or do not own their facilities. In addition, on-site generation often meets only a relatively small fraction of a corporation’s electricity load, which means they may need to seek off-site procurement options to meet a greater percentage of their load with renewables.

Given these constraints to on-site installations, off-site procurement can be an attractive approach to achieving renewable energy objectives. To procure solar from facilities located offsite, corporations can work with their utility and individual project developers or buy renewable generation on the wholesale market. These approaches enable corporations to purchase solar from utility-scale generators, typically at competitive prices. Corporations can also sign fixed, long-term energy contracts that offer price certainty for 10–20 years to help them achieve their sustainability goals while potentially reducing long-term energy costs.


  • Economics and value
  • Hedge against long-term energy price increases
  • Turnkey provider
  • Partner with global reach
  • Sustainable energy solutions