Development & EPC

Project Development

Vasari Energy’s Project Development team takes a solar development project through each stage of development from concept to commercial operation. The Vasari solution includes siting, permitting, financing, market development, and obtaining power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Prospecting and Site Selection

Prospecting is a comprehensive, high-level review in which we complete initial assessments of potential sites to locate new project opportunities. Prospecting represents our earliest stage of project development and addresses our core objectives: identification of sites that we believe may be suitable for development and rudimentary analysis of site viability for solar energy projects and completion of a fatal flaw analysis. Our meteorology, real estate and transmission teams conduct initial “desktop” or computer-based reviews of public information, including public solar reports, land records and power transmission maps and our proprietary data, to identify significant impediments that could result in a project's failure to satisfy our investment objectives.

We also make initial assessments of potential sites based on a number of criteria, including topography; solar resource suitability; constructability; access to transmission networks; site size; land ownership; and environmental, zoning and other local and state laws and regulations, including state-sponsored RPS programs. We make these assessments taking into account our business strategy, commercial standards and targeted returns. We also consider the capital cost, size and expansion opportunities of the proposed site and our view of the relevant electricity and REC markets.

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

We offer a full spectrum of services and are ready to meet any challenge

Clients trust us to deliver services to optimize their renewable energy assets and increase their business success. We specialize in:

  • Executing difficult renewable energy projects in challenging locations
  • Mobilizing experienced workforces worldwide
  • Linking global resources through strategically placed execution centers
  • Sourcing equipment and materials using our global procurement network and in-country suppliers
  • Delivering on compressed time schedules
  • Structuring innovative and cost-effective project financing
  • Optimizing renewable energy assets over the design lifecycle
  • Maintaining alliances and joint ventures

In the construction area, we mobilize our workforce and execute projects through construction management as the owner’s agent. Generally, we are responsible for the completion of a project, often in difficult locations and under challenging circumstances. We are frequently designated as a program manager, where a client has facilities in multiple locations, complex phases in a single project location, or a large-scale investment in a facility. Depending upon the project, we often serve as the primary contractor or we may act as a subcontractor to another party.

Project management is the driving force behind the successful completion of all our projects. We execute projects on a lump-sum or design-build/EPC contract basis. Our full-scope EPC projects utilize a wide variety of commercial formats to ease the need for additional management resources to oversee project implementation.

Project Management

Project management is required on every renewable energy project, with the primary responsibility of managing all aspects of the effort to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. Vasari may be hired as the overall program manager on large complex projects where various contractors and subcontractors are involved and multiple activities need to be integrated to ensure the success of the overall project. Project management services include logistics, developing project execution plans, detailed schedules, cost forecasts, progress tracking and reporting, and the integration of the engineering, procurement and construction efforts. Project management is accountable to the client to deliver the safety, functionality and financial performance requirements of the project.

Our global capabilities include:

  • A resource pool of mobile professionals—experts in their fields—located in major economic and industrial centers of the world.
  • Knowledge of local laws, markets, customs, and procurement practices that makes it easier to source from local suppliers.
  • Long-term, senior-level relationships with key manufacturing and contractor organizations
  • State-of-the-art tools for identifying low-cost, competent suppliers, and the ability to cut costs by purchasing in large volumes.

Vasari has the in-house capability to take solar projects from site assessment and economic feasibility studies through to engineering, design, project delivery and commissioning.

We have hands-on experience with all major solar power component vendors.


The right goods and services, at the right time, at the lowest cost. That sums up Vasari’s approach to procurement, and we have the experience, the tools, and the know-how to make it work. By providing integrated, reliable, and cost-efficient supply chain management services, we help ensure the success of projects large and small.

Construction Oversight

Our policy is to actively manage the design and construction of our solar energy projects. Construction consists of module installations, substation construction, interconnection work, balance of plant construction and occasionally construction of long transmission line. We generally plan to enter into contracts to provide all necessary management, supervision, labor, materials, tools, engineering, mobilization, testing and demobilization required to complete construction of the project. Under these contracts, the contractor prepares the site for construction with clearing and grading activities; installs modules; constructs overhead or underground cables that collect the energy produced at by the array for delivery to the on-site substation; constructs the on-site substation, as applicable, or modifies an existing substation; builds roadways in and around the project and in some cases, constructs operating and maintenance buildings or, to the extent they are required, transmission or interconnection facilities. Construction of a typical site takes approximately 6 to 15 months, with adverse weather conditions causing the largest variation in estimated completion dates. We will actively supervise and oversee all aspects of construction.

Cost Control

Our continual emphasis on cost control is an important component of our business model. As the global economy expands and companies providing technical, professional, and construction services are required to compete against each other across geographic boundaries, the company that can provide its clients with cost efficient solutions to their project's needs has the advantage. Our attention to cost control throughout every level of our organization allows us to deliver superior technical, professional, and construction services safely, efficiently, and within the cost and time parameters our clients require. 

Commissioning, Maintenance and Operations

Commissioning occurs immediately prior to the completion of a solar energy project. Commissioning involves testing of the equipment's full integration and operability by the module supplier. We will oversee the operational control of the entire project, including the balance of plant. We seek to optimize the operating performance of the site by, among other things, working with the manufacturer to appropriately schedule maintenance activities. Following the expiration of the supplier operating agreements, we intend to undertake the operation and maintenance of the array directly.