We offer a full spectrum of services and are ready to meet any challenge.

Offering a full spectrum of design-build/EPC services, Vasari Energy is one of the most focused contractors in the industry. Our seasoned professionals have extensive experience on wind and solar projects of complex size and scope throughout the world. We provide state-of-the-art technologies and world-class project management skills, combined with Vasari Energy's proven business consulting and industry-leading safety programs, to ensure a competitive price, schedule certainty and long-term value on our clients' most challenging projects.

In the construction area, we mobilize our workforce, and execute projects through construction management as the owner’s agent. Generally, we are responsible for the completion of a project, often in difficult locations and under challenging circumstances. We are frequently designated as a program manager, where a client has facilities in multiple locations, complex phases in a single project location, or a large-scale investment in a facility. Depending upon the project, we often serve as the primary contractor or we may act as a subcontractor to another party.

Project management is the driving force behind the successful completion of all our projects. We execute projects on a lump-sum or design-build/EPC contract basis. Our full-scope EPC projects utilize a wide variety of commercial formats to ease the need for additional management resources to oversee project implementation.