We offer a full spectrum of services and are ready to meet any challenge.

We offer project finance services to renewable energy developers across the globe. We focus on solving our clients’ most complex problems, providing advice to senior management, boards of directors and business owners of renewable energy companies in project transactions that typically are of significant strategic and financial importance to them.

Our financing strategy is to utilize a combination of institutional loans and credit facilities to purchase equipment and construct wind and solar power generating assets.

Each project we finance requires a substantial capital investment from our client. Permanent project financing is often arranged immediately prior to the construction of a project. With limited exceptions, this debt financing is for up to 80% of a project’s costs and is structured on a basis that is non-recourse to the client and their other projects. In addition, the collateral security for each project’s financing generally will be limited to the physical assets, contracts and cash flow of that project and the client’s ownership interests in that project.

In general, we expect that each of our direct or indirect subsidiaries will be organized as a legal entity separate and apart from the client’s parent company and its other subsidiaries.

We seek to build and sustain long-term relationships with our clients rather than focusing on individual transactions, a practice that we believe enhances our access to senior management of developers, corporations and institutions around the world. We emphasize providing clients with senior level attention during all phases of transaction execution.

To develop new client relationships, and to develop new engagements from historical client relationships, we maintain an active dialogue with a large number of clients and potential clients, as well as with their financial and legal advisors, on an ongoing basis. We gain a significant number of new clients each year through our business development initiatives, through recruiting additional senior investment banking professionals who bring with them client relationships and through referrals from directors, attorneys and other third parties with whom we have relationships.